See why I’m recognized internationally as an effective strategist and a doer a person who gets things done with vigor and efficiency!

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Exceeded Our Expectation

“Nolu’s ability to influence and build coalitions allowed us to achieve key objectives we had not reached before. She’s an outstanding professional with solid work ethics and innovative ideas.”

Stephen Hayes

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Super Awesome!

“Nolu: the work you do for CARE and how you do it makes a tremendous difference in the lives of people all over the world.”

Helene D. Gayle
President and CEO

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Extremely Happy

“Nolu is an excellent manager and strategist. She has strong political instincts and handles the greatest challenges with the utmost diplomacy.”

Erin Martin
NDI South Africa Director, https://www.ndi.org

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Best Services

“Nolu is an expert strategist who truly helped keep the team afloat during a time of significant transition. All consultants should be as knowledgeable and talented.”

Tawana Jacobs
Associate Director, Public Relations

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Great Support

“When Nolu assembled African experts, she shaped the development of the ground-breaking program “On Africa”, a weekly showcase of African documentaries, movies, and interviews.”

Adam C. Powell III
General Manager

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Lucky We Found You

“With a clear eye for the strategic, as NPR’s White House Correspondent, Nolu helped define and transform the role of NPR news.”

Judi Latta
Executive Producer

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Super Awesome!

Robert F. Kennedy
First Place

Journalism Award

Outstanding Coverage
of the